The House Of Nimrod

From: Auckland, New Zealand

This short-lived band from Auckland formed as a result of a chance meeting between Bryce Peterson (vocals, guitar) and John Breslin (guitar) in 1967. Other original members included Larry Latimer (bass, vocals), Billy Lawton (drums), and Tony Pilcher (lead guitar). The group’s debut single (‘Slightly-Delic’/’Reflection Of Our Time’) was penned by Peterson and became an unexpected hit. However, the band wasn’t able to tour live to promote the single as they had no other material written. Their follow up single (Psychothartic’/’Ragged Patch’) was also well received, but the group fell apart soon after its release, when Peterson left and Breslin returned to Australia. 

After a brief hiatus, Lawton and Pilcher regrouped adding Ed Hayson (bass) and Tony (Loot) McNulty (guitar, vocals) to the fold. This incarnation of the band played more of a soul-tinged pop. The group gigged a fair bit over the next year, but never recorded anything on vinyl and finally split in 1969.

Artist information sources include: Dreams, Fantasies, And Nightmares by Vernon Joynson

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Tracks played on Psychedelicized…


Festival FNZ-2017 – 1967

  • Slightly-Delic

Festival FK Z-2283 – 1968

  • Psychothartic
  • Ragged Patch