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July came out of a verdant psychedelic scene in Britain. Hallucinogenic music still maintained its cult popularity and bands were still experimenting with different sounds. July was the product of a merger between two separated bands. In the early 1960s a band named the Dreamers began playing pop music. The band changed its name to The Tomcats because of Freddie and the Dreamers and also changed their genre to blues/rock. In 1965 the band consisted of guitarist and vocalist Tom Newman, bassist Alan James, guitarist Peter Cook and drummer Chris Jackson. And, in typical band fashion, this incarnation of The Tomcats broke up in 1965.

Also exploring the London music scene was a band named Second Thoughts. They also broke up in 1965. Second Thoughts were an R&B band that featured conga player, flautist and keyboardist Jon Field, guitarist Tony Duhig, singer Patrick Campbell-Lyons future Thunderclap Newman vocalist and keyboardist Speedy Keen. Keen wrote Thunderclap Newman’s one-hit-wonder “Something in the Air.” Also, just for those who are interested, Thunderclap Newman was created by the Who’s Pete Townshend to showcase Keen’s songwriting (which produced one huge hit). Keen was the Who’s chauffeur. The music business is all about connections.

Anyway, the two bands combined forces and a new Tomcats line-up was created with Newman on vocals, Duhig on guitar, Field on flute/keyboard, James on bass and Jackson on drums. Newman and former Tomcats member Peter Cook began writing more psychedelic music for the Tomcats and in 1968 the band changed its name to July. They were picked up by Spencer Davis (of his group) and produced by watched most attentively by Tommy Scott on their 1968 eponymous release off Major Minor Records Limited.

The band broke up in 1969 after their singles and album flopped. Newman actually went on to produce Mike Oldfield’s work. But their legend lives on.

Information from http://musiccourtblog.com

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Tracks played on Psychedelicized…

From the 1968 album July (Bonus Track Version)

  • Dandelion Seeds
  • Dandelion Seeds [Alternate Version]
  • Friendly Man
  • Halo To Me
  • I See
  • I See [Alternate Version]
  • My Clown
  • The Way
  • The Way [Alternate Version]
  • The Way [Alternate Version 2]
  • You Missed It All
  • You See Me, I See You