August 1968 Review:
Strange Girl : Kate isn’t a group, it’s five blokes, or as the old croakers would say: “Yer can’t tell ’em apart these days”.
Yus, wot I sez is they should all have done a dose in the army. I had a dose in the army and it infected me with a spirit of conformity and a degree of witlessness that made me the dullard I am today.
Chris Gilby, the lead guitarist, chose Kate when he saw Taming of the Shrew with Liz Taylor as Katrina.
During rehearsals at an empty movie studio in Twickenham actor David Hemmings was filming “A Long Day’s Dying” and he used to join them on drums. The group haven’t made any appearances yet, but claim influences by blues, folk, jazz and rock music. They certainly obtain an interesting sound, that would convince the casual listener that they were an American group on the Electric Flag level.
Unusual chord sequences, haunting blues guitar, simple vocals make the most original release of the week.
Full line-up of the group is Hraitch Garabaldianne (lead vocals), Chris Gilby (lead guitar), Robert Gold (organ), Alfred Turnstall (bass guitar) and Barrie Edwards (drums).
Keep an eye on Kate, it’s a bitch of a group!

Tracks played on Psychedelicized…

Kate - Shout It
Kate - Strange Girl
Kate - Hold Me Now

  • Don’t Make A Sound
  • Empty World
  • Hold Me Now
  • Shout It
  • Strange Girl