Lea Riders Group

Lea Riders GroupFrom: Borgholm, Sweden

Lea Riders Group formed in Sweden in 1961 when Hawkey Franzén  started the Red River Band. The band consisted of a drummer, accordionist, and trumpet player, along with two of Franzén’s friends. In 1963, additional members were brought in, and the Red River Band changed their name to Lea Riders Group. Members came and went throughout the band’s career, but Franzén was a constant member. Lea Riders Group had the opportunity to play in Stockholm in 1966, an improvement on the shows they had been doing in schools and at small parties on the island of Öland. In Stockholm, the band developed a following among the students and youth, becoming a popular indie band. They made their first television appearance in the autumn of 1966, with a live performance directed by Stefan Jarl and Jan Lindqvist. Lea Riders Group released a number of singles on the Philips Records label. The band would collaborate with Jarl and Lindqvist when they got to record some of the soundtrack to the film Dom Kallar Oss Mods, which translates to “They Call Us Misfits.” Jarl and Lindqvist had to choose between Lea Riders Group and Baby Grandmothers, opting to go with the former.

By mid 1968, most of the band felt that gigs and jams were not going to be enough to propel the band forward. Franzén decided to dissolve the band in May of that year. The band Made in Sweden was later formed by ex-Lea Riders Group members Jojie Wadenius and Slim Borgudd. Although Lea Riders Group never released any studio albums during their active years as a band, an album was released in 1989 that featured the band’s live recordings and studio material. ~ Wikipedia

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From the 1989 album Lea Riders Group – The Forgotten Generation
Lea Riders Group - The Forgotten Generation

  • Dom Kallar Oss Mods