LeviathanFrom: Brighton, Sussex, England

Leviathan evolved out of the Mike Stuart Span, and began in early 1969. When Mike Stuart Span signed with Elektra, it was necessary for the band to change their name. Elektra launched Leviathan’s recording career in April 1969. The band issued two singles simultaneously, and three of the four chosen tracks had initially been conceived by the Span. The fourth, “The War Machine” was a new composition and completed the set.

The quality of the singles was rather good, however, Elektra would have been wise to focus on one song opposed to the “Four Faces of Leviathan” campaign they created. Both singles failed, but the band continued work to work on an album. Another pair of singles were released in the summer of ’69, “Flames.” and “Just Forget Tomorrow.”

In October 1969, the album was complete, but Leviathan had gone their separate ways and the album was shelved. In 2013, Leviathan finally released the long lost album, and it contains a number of fantastic songs that fit the era beautifully.

Artist information sources include: Mikestuartspan.moonfruit.co.uk

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Tracks played on Psychedelicized…

From the previously unreleased 1969 album Unleashed

  • Flames [Album Version]
  • Flames [Single Version]
  • Second Production
  • Through The Looking Glass
  • Time
  • Words In My Head