L'InfonieFrom: Québec, Canada

L’Infonie was a band out of Canada who combined song, dance, poetry, and visual arts into their music. The band distinguished itself with its self-invented cosmos of gods and laws. The biggest influence on this project was Raoul Duguay, a self-published writer who released Manifeste de L’Infonie ou le ToutArBel in 1970. Walter Bourdreau was the band’s main muical director, and played baritone sax on their recordings.Over L’Infonie’s seven year existence, from 1967-1974, an immense number of musicians were in and out of the lineup.

The band sounds very similar to that of Frank Zappa’s jazz/classical music on their more “pop” releases. L’Infonie released their debut album, Vol 3, in 1969, with jazz, classical, and pop sounds making up the album’s mix. For their follow up album, 1971’s Vol 33: Le Mantra, L’Infonie abandons everything they did on their debut, delving into jazz-fusion. One sole piece of music makes up this entire album.

In 1972, L’Infonie released their third album, Vol 333. On this album, the band has more of a progressive rock sound, again changing their musical approach. After this album, Duguay would leave the band to pursue a solo career as a poet, author, and singer-songwriter. In 1974, L’Infonie released their fourth and final album, Vol 3333. This album is made up of one piece, Duguay’s “Paix.”

Artist information sources include: ProgQuebec.com

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Tracks played on Psychedelicized…

From the 1969 album Vol 3
Vol 3

  • Viens Danser Le “OK Là!”