The Lemon Fog

From: Houston, TX, USA

The Lemon Fog were an obscure quintet out of Texas who are best known for being the first rock act ever to sign with Ray McGinnis’ Orbit Records. The band started out in 1963 as the Bar Eights, formed by Fillmore High School students Danny Ogg and Terry Horde. Timmy Thorpe (bass) and Dale VanDeloo (saxophone, vocals) were then added to the fold. The Bar Eights were a surf-rock band who had a few pop-soul numbers too. The band landed a few gigs in coffee bars before they broke up when VanDeloo reportedly attacked Ogg with a microphone stand during an argument.

Chris Lyons was recruiting musicians at Clem’s Music in Houston for a new band. Ogg showed up and was asked by Lyons to join the band. Ogg agreed to join on the condition that Thorpe be allowed in as the bass player. Lyons agreed to this request, and within days the band, now called the Pla-Boys, played their first gig , at St. Regis College for the Arts. At this show, the band was seen and heard by Ted Eubanks, an avant-garde composer on Houston’s mod scene. Eubanks liked what he saw, liking their technique more than their repertoire. He immediately approached the band after the show and offered them some suggestions. Liking what Eubanks had to say, the Pla-Boys started including original material in their sets. Their image was also changed from clean-cut, matching suits to psychedelic. In only a few weeks in 1965, the Pla-Boys became the Lemon Fog.

Soon after, the lineup of the band changed. Thorpe was dropped and Ogg moved over to bass. Horde came in as the lead guitarist. Winning a local battle of the bands, along with the help of producer-songwriter Jimmy Duncan, the Lemon Fog were approached by Orbit Records with a recording contract. Orbit only ever released three singles by the band, although several hours worth of material had been recorded under the direction of Eubanks. “The Living Eye Theme” (also known as “The Lemon Fog”) was their most successful, reaching #8 on the regional and local charts.

Unfortunately, personality conflicts resulted in the Lemon Fog’s demise. The band had some rather excellent music to their credit, but egos clashed, and the use of drugs prevented one of the member’s talents to not shine through. Also, Eubanks started cutting records as a solo artist in 1970, leading towards the Lemon Fog falling apart.

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Tracks played on Psychedelicized…

From the album The Psychedelic Sound of Summer
The Psychedelic Sound of Summer

  • Day By Day
  • Echoes Of Time
  • Summer
  • The Living Eye Theme [The Lemon Fog]
  • The Prisoner