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The LyricsFrom: Oceanside, CA, USA

The Lyrics were a garage punk band out of California who released a number of singles in the mid ’60s. Their song “So What!!” is an excellent example of early punk, featuring some excellent harmonica and raw vocals. As the band progressed, however, they abandoned their raw sound for a more harmonious one. The band went through a number of lineup changes over their brief existence. The members that were with the band for the release of their first single were Craig Carll (vocals), Steve Kayler (vocals), Billy Garcia (lead guitar), Michael Allen (guitar), Chris Gaylord (vocals, harp, keyboards), Danny Garcia (bass), and Gary Neves (drums). In 1966, Allen and Gaylord quit The Lyrics and joined the Magic Mushroom.

Artist information sources include: Fuzz, Acid & Flowers by Vernon Joynson

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From the 1965 single “So What!!”
The Lyrics - So What

  • So What!!