M.G. & The Escorts
M.T. Else
Mabel Greer’s Toyshop
MacArthur, Neil
MacKay, Rabbit & The Somis Rhythm Boyze
Mad John Fever
Mad Lads, The
Mad River
Made In Germany
Made In Sheffield
Magic Carpet
Magic Lanterns, The
Magic Mixture, The
Magic Mushrooms, The
Magic Ring
Magicians, The
Magna Carta
Maiden, Mary
Majic Ship
Majority, The
Majority One
Malena, Don & The Dry Ice
Mallory, Lee
Mamas & the Papas, The
Manço, Barış
Mandel, Harvey
Mandrake Memorial, The
Manfred Mann
Manfred Mann Chapter Three
Mann, Barry
Manzanita Jungle
Marble Phrogg
Margulies, Ellen
Margo, Margo, Medress & Siegel
Marianne, The
Marketts, The
Mark Four, The
Marmalade, The
Marr, John Randolph
Marsden, Gerry
Marsh Mallow
Marshmellow Steamshovel
Martin, George
Martin, Steve
Martin Martin
Martine Jr., Layne
Marvin, Welch & Farrar
Mason, Barry
Mass, The
Master’s Apprentices, The
Matching Mole
Matthews’ Southern Comfort
Maureeny Wishful, The
Mayall, John & The Bluesbreakers
Maze, The
MC Squared (MC2)
McCoy’s, The
McCracken, Hugh
McDonald’s Farm
McGuire, Barry
McKenzie, Scott
McNeil, David
McWilliams, David
Me Myself & Eye
Mec Op Singers, The
Mecki Mark Men
Meddy’s People
Medicine Mike
Members Of Time
Merriday Park
Merrilee And The Turnabouts
Merritt, Jerry
Merry-Go-Round, The
Met En Zonder
Michael [1]
Michael [2]
Michael & The Messengers
Michael & The Trees
Michaels, Lee
Mickey Finn, The
Mighty Baby
Mijal & White
Mike Stuart Span
Millennium, The
Miller, Dave Set, The
Mind Garage
Mind’s Eye, The
Mindbenders, The
Minority, The
Minute Men, The
Mirage, The
Mirror, The
Mirror’s Image
Missing Links
Mission, The
Misty Wizards, The
Misunderstood, The
Mitchell, Joni
Mitchell, Malcolm
Moby Grape
Mock Duck
Mockingbirds, The
Modds, The
Mode, The
Modern Folk Quintet
Mods [1], The
Mods [2], The
Mojo Men, The
Moles, The
Mom’s Boys
Mongrels, The
Monkees, The
Monks, The
Monopoly, The
Montanas, The
Monocles, The
Mood Of Hamilton
Moods, The
Moody Blues, The
Moon, The
Moorpark Intersection
Morgus & The Daringers
Morloch, The
Morning Dew
Morning Disaster
Morning Glory
Morricone, Ennio
Morrison, Bob
Morrison, Van
Morris, Russell
Morticelli, Pete
Mother Earth
Mother Love, The
Mother Sturtcman’s Jams & Jellies
Mother Sunday
Mother Tucker’s Yellow Duck
Mothers Of Invention, The
Motion, The
Motions, The
Motives, The
Mourning Dayze
Mourning Reign, The
Mouse & The Traps
Mouse And The Boys
Move, The
Movement, The
Moving Finger, The
Moving Sidewalks, The
Movin’ Morfomen, The
Moxies, The
Mr. Flood’s Party
Mudd Famili, The
Mugwump Establishment, The
Mugwumps, The
Munks, The
Music Combination, The
Music Emporium
Music Explosion
Music Fair, The
Music Machine, The
Musics, The
Mussies, The
My Indole Ring
Myddle Class, The
Mysterions, The
Mystery Trend, The
Mystic Astrologic Crystal Band, The
Mystics, The