Lee Mallory

Lee MalloryFrom: Berkeley, CA, USA

Lee Mallory was a singer, songwriter, and guitarist who was part of such bands as the Millennium and Sagittarius. Mallory’s biggest hit was a cover of Phil Ochs/Bob Gibson’s song “That’s The Way It’s Going To Be.” The song was produced by Curt Boettcher and reached #86 on the charts. At age 15, Mallory received his first guitar, and at age 16, he ran away from home to become a musician.

Mallory began performing live in San Francisco’s North Beach cafes. In 1963, he went on a “self imposed” tour to New York, playing in West Village folk clubs, including the Cafe Bizarre, the Night Owl, Cafe Wha?, and the Four Winds. Mallory went onto become a regular at the Troubadour in Los Angeles, where he was part of an experiment called the Men. Some of the members of the Men later formed the Association. Lee also shared the bill with performers like the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band.

Mallory’s first recording session was as a backing vocalist for Tommy Roe. He was also a session guitarist for some of the Association’s biggest hits. As a solo artist, Mallory recorded for Valiant, then Columbia Records. His early material has been re-released on Sonic Past Music. Lee Mallory would eventually become an independent artist, and his later material is released by Redwood River Music.

The Millennium formed from members of Lee’s backup band. Curt Boettcher later joined the band, as well as produced their material. Apparently, Jerry Scheff came up with the name to signify “a thousand years of peace and prosperity.” Mallory also performed as lead guitarist and member of the “Tribe” for the first road company of the stage production of HAIR. He is the only known person to have served in the tribe and the band. Mallory formed the supergroup Hollywood in the early seventies.

Lee Mallory’s music career continued into the 1990s, before he succumbed to Hepatitis C. He was hoping to receive a liver transplant, but this eventually lead to liver cancer. Mallory died at the University of California on March 21, 2005.

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From the 2003 album Many Are The Times
Many Are The Times

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