Morning Dew

Morning DewFrom: Topeka, KN, USA

Morning Dew are considered one of the underground punk bands of the 1960s who delved into psychedelia. Early in the 1960s, Mal Robinson (guitar) and Don Sligar (drums) played together in a band that was modelled after the Ventures – an instrumental combo called the Impax. The two later joined forces with Don Shufford (bass) to form the folk-rock band, The Toads, which evolved into Morning Dew in 1966. At this time, Don Anderson (guitar) was added to the band, making them a four-person line-up.

The group started out as a garage-rock band. Eventually they embraced the fuzz tones and experimentation so accustomed to psychedelia. Morning Dew released a total of three singles and one LP. Their singles were minor hits in the local area, but never took off nationally. Their album was released on the Roulette label in 1970. In 2010, the compilation No More 1966-1969 was released, highlighting the Morning Dew’s greatest work. This compilation is recommended to any fans of the genre, be it garage rock or freak-out psych.

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From the 2010 compilation No More 1966-1969
No More 1966-1969

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