My Indole Ring

My Indole Ring BandFrom: Vancouver, BC, Canada

My Indole Ring were local legends in the Vancouver area between 1967-1969. The band never released a single, but 25 years after disbanding, an album of demos and live recordings was released. The band played acid rock that showed a lot of potential. My Indole Ring’s music was full of instrumental quirks and unique vocal harmonies, while showing the influence of West Coast bands, such as Jefferson Airplane. The demos have been well restored, but the live material is rather poor quality. This album is considered a solid addition to any psych collectors library. A limited-edition LP was also released, containing fewer tracks than the CD. Band members included John Cluff (hammond organ), Chris Dahl (drums), David Jordan Knox (bass), and John King (guitar).

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From the 2002 album My Indole Ring
My Indole Ring

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