A New Generation

A New Generation (2)Brothers Iain (vocals, guitar) and Gavin (bass, vocals) Sutherland  formed the band A New Generation in 1968. Other members included Christopher Kemp (keyboards, vocals) and John Wright (drums). The band’s name came about when their manager at the time forced them to change it. In 1970, A New Generation disbanded, and The Sutherland Brothers formed a folk-rock duo. After awhile, The Sutherland Brothers teamed with the band Quiver in 1973, becoming The Sutherland Brothers & Quiver.

In 1968, A New Generation released the somewhat successful single “Smokie Blues Away”/”She’s A Soldier Boy.” It is the B-side of this single that shows the band delving into psychedelic music. The song has the garage band feel to it, while also having the qualities of a good pop song. Also released in 1968 was the single “Sadie & Her Magic Mr. Galahad.” The vocals on this track are very trippy, and the song has a spacey feel to it. Although not receiving the attention they rightfully deserved, A New Generation did leave us with some great music.

Artist information sources include: The Sutherland Brothers by Greg Prato at Allmusic.com, Wikipedia, and Andy Gib of Spinthegroove.com

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Tracks played on Psychedelicized…

  • Digger
  • Police Is Here
  • She’s A Soldier Boy
  • Sadie & Her Magic Mr. Galahad