The Orange Swirl Society

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Very little is known about this band. One source claims Billy Synth (of later punk rock synthesizer fame with “The Janitors” and other bands) was involved with The Orange Swirl Society which performed not only “The Fourth Pipe” but also did a cover of “Sounds of Silence.” According to this source, “Billy does vocals and plays the synth on this track [The Fourth Pipe] which was recorded during a flashback one spooky, foggy night at a long-gone studio, literally inches away from the battlefield at Gettysburg.”

Although Billy did and does hail from Harrisburg, PA which is about 40 miles from Gettysburg, lending internal coherence to the claim, since “The Forth Pipe” is said to have been recorded in 1968 when Billy was likely no older than 13 or 14 years old, it seems somewhat of a stretch that he was involved, though certainly not impossible. Another band with Billy Synth, The Traces of Thyme, is said to have had the same members as The Orange Swirl Society, after changing their name to The Traces and then to the Traces of Thyme.

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Update:  The source mentioned above is likely Billy himself.   See Youtube channel aliennationmicrodot, which appears to be his channel.   Billy also has a webpage,   On the page is a link to his store wherein there is for sale a digital album entitled “Psychedelic Reflections.”  It contains “The Fourth Pipe” and “The Sounds of Silence.”

Tracks played on Psychedelicized…

From the 1998 compilation album Songs Of Faith And Inspiration – Spiritual Psychedelic Rock For The Devoted Listener
Songs Of Faith And Inspiration - Spiritual Psychedelic Rock For The Devoted Listener

  • The Fourth Pipe [Previously Unreleased]