101 Strings Orchestra

101 Strings 2From: Philadelphia, PA, USA

101 Strings Orchestra began their prolific career back in 1957, producing hundreds of albums since their debut. A consistency in the sound of the band has always been an integral part of the records they make. Always focused on recording excellent melodies with just the right amount of ambiance, 101 Strings Orchestra never hesitated to experiment on their albums. As much as the band was open for experimentation, the string section pretty much always remained at the forefront of the music. Founded by Dick L. Miller, 101 Strings Orchestra always strove to have the big orchestra sound led by established conductors without the financial burden of securing them. In 1964, Miller sold 101 Strings Orchestra to the Alshire label, where the band’s albums would continue to be released at an astounding rate.

101 Strings Orchestra would often release an album that would contain more experimental pieces. 1968’s Astro Sounds From Beyond the Year 2000 would change that aspect of releasing experimental work. While the reception to Astro Sounds was not what 101 Strings Orchestra had hoped for, the album has become extremely sought after by space-pop fans in later years. This record is where the more psychedelic sounding music can be found, using fuzztone guitar and other sounds synonymous with the era. Songs such as “Flameout” and “Barrier X-69” show the spacey sounds that became so popular in the late 1960’s.

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Tracks played on Psychedelicized…

From the 1967 album Sounds of Today

  • Karma Sitar

From the 1968 album Astro Sounds From the Year 2000
101 Strings Orchestra

  • A Disappointing Love Affair With A Desensitized Robot
  • Barrier X-69
  • Flameout
  • Trippin’ On Lunar 07

    From the compilation Electric Psychedelic Sitar Headswirlers Vol. 8

    • Karma Sitar [Excerpt]