4 Wheels (Boys Next Door)

4 Wheels (Boys Next Door)This band from Indianapolis, Indiana consisted of Steve Lester (guitar, vocals, trombone), Skeet Bushor (keyboards, vocals, trumpet), Jim Koss (drums, vocals, guitar), Steve Drybread (bass, saxophone, vocals), and Jim Adams (guitar). When the band signed with Mercury records, their name changed to 4 Wheels, a change that the band wasn’t even aware of. The name would eventually be changed back to Boys Next Door. Over the course of their career, 4 Wheels (Boys Next Door) released seven singles, only two of which had the 4 Wheels name attached to them. There is an uncanny similarity between the sound of 4 Wheels (Boys Next Door) and the Beach Boys. This influence is heard on several of the band’s songs. An album featuring all of the band’s singles, as well as unreleased material was released, capturing the pop-like sounds the band was best known for.

Artist information from:  Richie Unterberger at Allmusic.com and The 60’s Indiana Band Szene Blog.

Tracks played on Psychedelicized…

From 1960 album Boys Next Door

4 Wheels (Boys Next Door)

  • Suddenly She’s Gone
  • Casite Motor Honey