David Peel & The The Lower East Side

David Peel & The Lower East SideFrom: Lower East Side, NY, USA

New York-based musician David Peel first recorded in the late 1960s with his band The Lower East Side. Other members included Harold Black, Billy Joe White, George Cori, and Larry Adam. His music about marijuana and “bad cops” appealed mostly to hippies and members of the counter-culture.

Peel received a contract from Elektra Records in 1968 when he was first discovered and recorded two albums that pushed things to the limit. His debut album, Have A Marijuana, peaked at 186 on the Billboard Charts. He was rediscovered in 1971 by John Lennon, and the two became friends. Lennon produced Peel’s album The Pope Smokes Dope in 1972. This album was banned in several countries and has become quite a collector’s item.

In 1976, Peel signed with independent labels Orange Records and Auravox Records, both of which released his album An Evening With David Peel. The album was considered a breakthrough by capturing the tumultuous mid-1970s American underground movement.

Peel continues to play music, and has recorded several albums over his career. He has also appeared as himself in various films.

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From the 1968 album Have A Marijuana
Have A Marijuana

  • I Like Marijuana