Paul’s Collection

Paul's CollectionFrom: Belgium

Paul’s Collection was a band formed by singer Paul Syniawsky. Paul started singing in local bands in 1967 before forming the Collection in 1969. Manager Louis Devries immediately showed interest in the band’s music, and the band was soon added to the RCA-Victor label. In 1970, Paul’s Collection released their debut single, “Music Is My Life” / “Man.” Both songs showed the influences of bands such as the Who, Iron Butterfly, Cream, and Blind Faith. The single was well received so RCA decided to give the band more money for a follow-up release. Paul’s Collection became a four-piece band after their keyboard player decided to quit. In 1971, Paul’s Collection released “Time For A Change” / “What Have I Done.” Their third single, “Who Could See” / “Song For The Lonely,” was released very soon after their second, but failed to climb the charts.

Devries got the band a lot of concerts at gigs or festivals he organized, and their shows were known to be rather intense. Paul’s Collection played at both international pop-events at Deurne’s Arenahall with bands such as the Nice, Yes, Fleetwood Mac, Jess and James, Wallace Collection, Hardin and York, The Pebbles, Man, Burning Plague, Kleptomania, Mad Curry, and Irish Coffee. The band also played at the “Pop For Vietnam: festival in 1972.

In 1973, Syniawsky decided the band should break up, after he started singing in a jazz-rock band named Artisjok. This band finally landed a recording contract in 1976, and they decided to change their name to Paul’s Collection, all the more fitting as the band’s main composer was Paul Geluykens. Other than Syniawsky, this Paul’s Collection had nothing to do with the band who used this name previously.

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Tracks played on Psychedelicized…

From the 1970 single “Music Is My Life”
Music In My Life Single

  • Man
  • Music Is My Life

From the compilation The Electric Sound Show
The Electric Sound Show

  • What Have I Done