PH Phactor Jug Band

PH Phactor Jug Band

From Portland, Oregon
The PH Phactor Jug Band were one of the very first ‘Frisco’ style bands, although they actually hailed from Oregon. They played at the legendary Red Dog Saloon with Lynne Hughes, Big Brother & the Holding Company & The Charlatans among others, which is how I strayed across their name and sought them out. There is an excellent DVD called ‘Rockin at the Red Dog’ which is well worth getting if you enjoy these bands, it has rehearsal footage of the Charlatans, the Phactor running around on an old train, interviews with most of those involved etc, a really great psyche rock doc.

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Paul Bassett ~ Drums, Washboard
John Browne ~ Guitar, Harmonica
Davy Coffin ~ Guitar, Mandolin
John Hendricks ~ Mandolin, Mandola, Banjo, Guitar, Kazoo, Jug, Vocals
Dennis Long ~ Drums
Steve Mork ~ Bass, Jug
Nick Ogilvie ~ Guitar, Banjo, Harp, Vocals
Chris Robinson ~ Guitar
Mike Rush ~ Drums

From Spaced Saviour Blog:
…the marvellously named PH. Phactor were one of those ‘Frisco’ bands that were on the periphery of the transition from folk rock to ballroom psych, the place where early dead / !great society! / early big brother meet…hailing from further up the west coast the Phactor got themselves hooked up with the hippy explosion coming from the acid soaked streets of San Francisco and managed to parley their jug band shenanigans into a one off single 45 deal, choosing to cover an old country blues standard, ‘Minglewood blues’ which went promptly into obscurity with the band, after a few gigs to their name, following closely behind…what did eventually turn up in the late 70s was a semi bootleg LP of italian extraction (copyright laws not applying in this ‘forward thinking’ country) consisting of a few tunes they managed to lay down before oblivion called as it did for so many cool combos at the end of the ‘sign a hippy band’ record company frenzy…a very nice assortment of sounds all based around the blues/jazz/hokum/psych axis, all given a shot through with some righteous reefer humour, making for a good feeling each and every time its spun…

PH Phactor Jug Band

these cats seem to have the right idea when it came to laying down the tuneage and that’s to keep any pretensions of ‘production’ and any other such fangly-dangly ideas of ‘improvement’ well away from the case in hand…with the tweedys they come into the room, switch the tape on and record the racket, that’s all that’s needed with them, it’s already in the sound, the vibe is locked into how they play, the right combination is stirred in at source point, not after or during recording…it’s only combos who ain’t sure of their worth that need help in the sound dept….here’s a right nice amalgam of beatnik folk and good-time vibes fed through a kaleidoscope of grooves taking in such high priests of swill as the elevators and the velvets and mixing it with some hep gaggle from such chilled combos such as ‘everpresent fullness’/’notes from the underground’/’charlatans’…failing to schmooz any and all record co. cuboids or parlez their wares into some stretched out ballroom psych has ensured they’ve become enshrined in west coast mythology…came in a box as we all know, good things come in small packages…

Taken from: Spaced Saviour Blog

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Tracks played on Psychedelicized…

From the compilation album Merryjuana
PH Phactor Jug Band - Merryjuana

  • Barefoot John
  • Eyes Of Love
  • Love Love Love
  • Merryjuana
  • Minglewood Blues
  • Rain Island
  • Suzy
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