The Dave Pike Set

The Dave Pike SetFrom: Detroit, MI, USA

The Dave Pike Set was formed by David Samuel Pike, a jazz vibraphone and marimba player. Dave Pike learned to play drums at the age of eight, and is self-taught on vibes. His debut recording was with the Paul Bley Quartet in 1958. Not too long after, Pike began putting an amplifier on his vibes when working with flautist Herbie Mann. By the late 1960s, Pike’s music was more experimental and explored other realms of music with a unique voice and new contexts that pushed the envelope in a time that is remembered for its level of musical exploration.

In 1970, Pike released the album Doors of Perception for Atlantic Records’ subsidiary Vortex Records and was produced by Pike’s former boss, Mann. The album featured a mixture of ballads, modal territory, and musique concrete, and featured free lyrical improvisation. Lee Konitz (alto saxophone), Chuck Israels (bass), and Don Friedman (piano) are some of the notable musicians to play on this album.

Dave Pike moved to Europe and released a number of albums on the MPS Records label. Some of this material is regarded as some of the most original jazz of the period. Pike went onto form the Dave Pike Set with Volker Kreigel (guitar), J.A. Rettenbacher (acoustic/electric bass), and Peter Baumeister (drums). The band recorded six records together between 1969-1972. The band’s sound was a combination of funk and free, textural sounds. Kreigel’s compositional and instrumental contributions helped to set the band’s sound apart, incorporating influences from jazz, soul jazz, psychedelia, avant-garde music, and World music. ~ Wikipedia

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Electric Psychedelic Sitar Headswirlers, Vols. 6-10

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