ABC News Story
ALSAC Teenagers March Concert
Animals Hullabaloo Club, The
Aorta & Cryan’ Shames Ensemble
Auto Show Promo
Avalon Ballroom
Tower Records – The Band ‘Music From Big Pink’
Ban Deodorant
Ban Deodorant Spot
BaronsChuck Bates, The
Batman Merchandise
Batman Theme
Beau Brummels Eddie Rambo
Beyond The Valley Of The Doll
Big Jack TV Show Promo
Boss City Promo Spot (Sam Ridd
Brawley Male
Carnation Instant Breakfast Special
Champagne Brothers at Teen Hall Houston TX
Chat With The Beatles KNUZ, Houston TX
Cheetah Club Concert Promo
Cinnamon Cinder
Cliff Lipsom (Hair Musical Performer)
Color Foam, By DuBerry
Comstock Ltd.
Concert Promo
Concert Promo for Bee Gees, Sp
Contest Promo
Cousin of the Monkees Contest
Dance Promo
Doors, Steppenwolf, Chambers Bros
Eager Beavers 7 Hamms Beer Spot
Evergreen Battle Of The Bands
Family Dog
Gallencamps Shoes Spot
Garner State Park Concert Spot
Gary Lewis & Playboys, The Mob
Gasoline Powered Clock
Gass Co & The Effects
Gene Weed & Wink Martindale Ta
Grateful Dead, Yellow Payges,
Guide For The Married Man 7
Happening Club, The
Hell’s Angels On Wheels
Hendrix Creedence Newport 769
He’s Got The Knack
Honda What’s Happening Now
Hullabaloo Club
I Love You Alice B. Toklas
I’m A Groupie
It’s Camp Club Concert Promo
Janis Joplin Concert
Jim Madison WRCG, Washington D.C.
KBLA, Los Angeles 6166
Kennywood Park, Pittsburgh, PA
KFWB News Story 7 Hippie Mothe
KHJ 2020 News
KHJ Channel 9 TV- Beatles Spec
KHJ Concert Promo
KHJ Radio Station Promo
KLIF 7 Klassic Album
KRLA Concert
KRLA News 7 Cancelled Hippie L
KRLA News 7 Various Drug Relat
KRLA News Story
Last Words What’s Not
Lee Jeans, Jeans by Lee
Leopold Records
Lively Set
Liverpool Five, Dynamics, Vice
Living Eye Club, Houston, The
Local Twin Cities Concert Spot
Lovin7 SpoonFul Turtles Sopw
L.U.V. 7 Movie Promo Spot
Male M1 Shop, Chicago
MIT Union Ballroom Concert Spot
Monkee Tripper Spot # 1 (Davy
Monkee Tripper Spot # 2 (Mike
Monterey Pop
Monterey Pop 7 Concert Promo S
Monterey Pop Festival
Monterey Pop Promo
Nikita The K Radio Moscow
Paul Is Dead
Pepsi Spot
PJ Proby Shindig Spot # 1 Buddy McGregor, KNUZ, Houston TX
PJ Proby Shindig Spot # 2 7 Bu
Radio England
Radio London
Sears Record Spot
Shasta Cola Spot
Standells 7 Concert Promo
Surf Washing Powder
Surrey Clothes Shops 7 College
Tackle After Shave
Tom MaCan7s Monkee Boots
Tom MaCan7s Shoes
Tom McCan7s
Tom McCans Shoes
Turtles, Leaves, Ides Of March
Van Dyke Parks
Varsity Magazine
Wellingtons 8-Track Sale
Windsong Perfume
1967 Action New Years Eve Danc
21 Sounds for Sunset
7-Up Spot