Radha Krsna Temple, The
Radice, Mark
Raga And The Talas
Raggamuffins, The
Raik’s Progress, The
Rainbow Ffolly
Rainbow Press, The
Rainy Daze, The
Rameses & Selket
Randi, Don
Randy & The Rest
Ranee & Raj
Rare Breed [1], The
Rare Breed [2], The
Rasputin & The Mad Monks
Rationals, The
Rats, The
Rattles, The
Ravelles, The
Raves, The
Ravens [1], The
Ravens [2], The
Raving Madd, The
Rawls, Lou
Ray, Bob
Rebecca And The Sunny Brook Farmers
Red Dirt
Reid, Terry
Reign, The
Remaining Few, The
Remains, The
Remo Four, The
Renegades, The
Restrictions, The
Revelation, The
Revelles, The
Reverbs, The
Revere, Paul & The Raiders
Rhodes, Emitt
Rhubarb Rhubarb
Richard and Mimi Farina
Richard & The Young Lions
Richard Twice
Richards, Emil & The Factory
Richie’s Renegades
Riddles, The
Riders Of The Mark
Rings & Things
Ringers, The
Riperton, Minnie
Rising Sons
Ritchie, Tony
Rites, The
River Deep
Rivers, Johnny
Rivers, Tony & The Castaways
Roadrunners, The
Road’s End
Robbs, The
Roberts, Austin
Roberts, Dick & The Troubled Minds
Rock Garden
Rock Island
Rockin’ Berries, The
Rockin’ Ramrods, The
Rocky Cabbage
Roe, Tommy
Rogefeldt, Pugh
Rogue Show
Rogues [1], The
Rogues [2], The
Rogues [3], The
Rolling Stones, The
Ronny James Reincarnation
Ronny And The Daytonas
Rooney Brothers, The
Roosters, The
Rose, Biff
Rose Garden
Rosenthal, Rochelle And The Kickball Queen
Rotary Connection
Rovin’ Kind, The
Rowe, Normie & The Playboys
Royal Aircoach, The
Royal Blue, The
Royal Guardsman, The
Rubber Band, The
Rugbys, The
Rumors, The
Rupert’s People
Ryan, Paul & Barry
Rybell, Mac
Ryder, Mitch & The Detroit Wheels