Rameses & Selket

Screen Shot 2013-10-05 at 5.16.15 PMFrom Felixstowe, East Anglia, UK

Ramases was born in the late 30′s as Martin Raphael (also sometimes known as Barrington Frost). In the late 1950s he got himself a wife, Dorothy Laflin, the 1957 carnival queen of Felixstowe. One day while sitting in his car he was visited by the Egyptian god Ramases, who apparently told him that he was the re-incarnation of Ramases himself and he was here to spread the gospel of truth. Old boy got out of the car, changed his name to Ramases and his wife’s to Selket, and decided to try to drum up a following.  When that failed he decided on music; eastern/sitar/psych grooves were the way to go.  Together they recorded a single and later an album, Space Hymns (1971), but it didn’t sell and they retreated to Felixstowe on the east coast of England to live with his mother.  There, undeterred, they continued to record, releasing a second album, Glass Top Coffin, in 1975.  It too failed after which Rameses got very dark, speaking often of how he wanted them both to leave the earth.  He did so alone by his own hand in 1976.  Selket remains on earth to this day.

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Tracks played on Psychedelicized…






  • (In My) Mind’s Eye (1968)
  • Crazy One (1968)