The Sidewalk Skipper Band

Sidewalk Skipper BandFrom: Milwaukee, WI, USA

The Sidewalk Skipper Band released three 45s over their brief existence. The band recorded in Chicago, and was comprised of Brian Ballestrieri (hammond organ), Joe Ballestrieri (bass) Dave McDowell (guitar, vocals), Rick Novac (12-string guitar), and Tom Jukem (drums). The Sidewalk Skipper Band recorded mostly flower pop with psychedelic overtones. The band first attracted attention at Marquette University where they had many gigs. The Sidewalk Skipper Band landed a contract with Capitol Records.

Their debut single features the pop-psych piece “Cynthia At The Garden,” and is considered to be the band’s most memorable of their singles. During the 1970s, Brian Ballestrieri continued as a solo artist.

Artist information sources include: Fuzz, Acid & Flowers by Vernon Joynson, Flower Bomb Songs

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Tracks played on Psychedelicized…

From the 1968 single “Strawberry Tuesday”
Strawberry Tuesday

  • Cynthia At The Garden
  • Strawberry Tuesday

From the 1968 single “Seventeenth Summer”
Seventeenth Summer

  • (Would You Believe) It’s Raining Flowers In My House
  • Seventeenth Summer