The Tuesday Club

ArticleFrom: Grand Junction, COL, USA

The Tuesday Club, originally known as the Garfield Air Mattress, were a group of musicians from Utah, Colorado, and California who gathered together in Grand Junction, Colorado. Members of the band were Tony Decker (vocals, lead guitar), Darryl Cooper (guitar, keyboards), Terry Tezak (bass), and Salvador “Pete” Friese (drums).

The band relocated to Amarillo, Texas in 1967 to record at Checkmate Studios with producers Marty Cooper and Ray Ruff. Ruff was producing/managing several bands at the time such as Tracers, Them, the Orange Confederation, and the Page Boys. By the time Ruff and Cooper sold the Garfield Air Mattress’ single to Philips in August, 1967, the band changed their name to the Tuesday Club.

Decker wrote both sides of the single, and both are extremely different from one another. The A-side is the wonderful “A Goddess in Many Ways,” which is about a seventeen year old beauty who commits suicide. The song has always been overshadowed by the B-side, “Only Human,” a classic piece of garage rock, but “A Goddess In Many Ways” did reach #24 on Grand Junction AM station KEXO on August 26, 1967.

After the single was recorded, Tezak left the band and was replaced by Dean Wilden. Wilden had previously worked with Decker in the band Maudz Only, formed when the two attended high school in Salt Lake City, Utah. The Tuesday Club changed their name to Fargo and relocated to Grand Junction in 1968. Upon relocating, Cooper and Friese left the band. Fargo then moved to Salt Lake City where Randle Potts (drums) joined. Potts was later replaced by Bob Holman. Neither song from the Tuesday Club single was featured in Fargo’s live sets.

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From the 1967 single “A Goddess In Many Ways”
A Goddess In Many Ways

  • A Goddess In Many Ways