Traffic Sound

From: Peru

Traffic Sound was a Peruvian rock band founded in 1967 by Manuel Sanguinetti (vocals), Freddy Rizo-Patrón (rhythm guitar), Jean Pierre Magnet (sax), Willy “Wilito” Barclay (lead guitar), Willy Thorne (bass) and Luis “Lucho” Nevares (drums). Freddy and Manuel first met in school and played in Los Hang Ten’s. The name Traffic Sound was chosen because of their fascination with traffic lights. In fact, a traffic light was placed as a souvenir in the attic of the Rizo-Patróns house where they held their practices.

The band performed private shows and continued rehearsals for another year. They would then try their luck at Peruvian psychedelic emporium The Tiffany with great success. Traffic Sound recorded their first album “A Ballar Go Go” in 1968 with label MAG. The album was made up of covers of songs by The Doors, Cream, Jimi Hendrix, Iron Butterfly and The Animals. Their second album, “Virgin”, was released in 1969 and contained all original material. “Meshkalina” became a Peruvian Psychedelic hit. Traffic Sound recorded two further albums (Traffic Sound a.k.a. III a.k.a. Tibet’s Suzettes, Lux) before disbanding in 1972.

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Tracks played on Psychedelicized…

From the 1968 album A Ballar Go Go

  • Destruction

From the 1969 album Virgin

  • Meshkalina
  • Virgin

From the 1970 album Traffic Sound

  • Yesterday’s Game

From the 1971 album Lux

  • Lux