Dick Wagner & The Frost

dick-wagner-the-frostFrom: Detroit, MI, USA

The Frost was an American psychedelic rock band from Alpena, Michigan in the late 1960s. The band was led by singer-guitarist, Dick Wagner, who went on to play with Ursa Major, Lou Reed, Alice Cooper, David Bowie, Dan Page, and Kevin Ulgenalp in the 1970s. The rest of the band consisted of Gordy Garris (bass), Bob Rigg (drums), and Don Hartman (guitar).

The Frost formed out of the remains of The Bossmen. After being rejected from the band Blood, Sweat and Tears, Wagner devoted his time to the Frost. The band’s first large-scale performance came at Meadowbrook Theatre for a crowd of 10,000. MC5 and The Stooges were also performing but the Frost were standouts.

The band was heavily pursued by record companies. They eventually signed with Vanguard Records where they recorded three albums; Frost Music, Rock And Roll Music, and Through The Eyes Of Love.

Even though The Frost were one of the top Detroit area bands of the era, poor album cover artwork, distribution and promotion by Vanguard hindered the band and their success. This caused them to miss the national success seen from other artists like Bob Seger, Ted Nugent and Grand Funk Railroad saw.

Over the years, there have been a number of Frost reunion concerts, especially while Wagner still lived and performed in Michigan. Wagner passed away in 2014 at the age of 71.

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