From: Stockton, CA, USAWildwood

This California band hailed from the tough blue-collar environment of Stockton. In the late 1960s Bay Area mellow milieu, Wildwood acted as the exception. Their music was dark and somewhat sinister in sound. They combined the attitude of the garage era with the soulfulness of R&B, while always maintaining a hard rock edge.

Between 1968-1972, Wildwood was considered one of the top bands of their area. They promoted their own shows and recorded a number of original songs at the old Fantasy warehouse in San Francisco. At the time, only two singles were released for public consumption – “Plastic People” and “Free Ride.”

Frank Colli (vocals, bass) led Wildwood and their sound, which has been compared to that of The Doors, Music Machine, and Steppenwolf. Other members included Mark Ross (organ), John Turner (guitar), and Tim Mora (drums). A collection of Wildwood’s music was compiled by Colli and released on the compilation album Plastic People.

Artist info: http://bordeldorock.blogspot.ca/

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Tracks played on Psychedelicized…

From the 2012 album Plastic People
Platic People

  • Plastic People
  • Swimming