Radio Show Coming Soon!

558274_447071988670665_520749564_nThe Psychedelicized Radio Show, coming to the station soon!
After some discussion behind the scenes, it has been agreed to trial an hour long show once a month, with guest DJs, spinning songs from the playlist or songs that could well be added to the playlist, nothing modern, an opportunity to shine a light into the seldom seen dusty corners of the playlists and our minds, to dig out little shining pieces of gold, to enlighten and inform and enthuse us all and to remind us that there is always another great song out there that we haven’t yet heard.
I’ll do the first show, just so I take the flack if people don’t like it, but the shows on TWoS used to be well liked, so I am sure with a rotation of presenters, these new shows will prove popular once established. So, questions for you:
1) What should be the name of the show, ‘Hour of Power’ etc
2) Once we decide a name, some authentic vintage sounding promo jingles will be needed. I can create these but it’d be great to have other input. Not just echo voice like some other stations I’ve heard trying to be ‘psyche’, music, the works! Anyone fancy a go?

If you present a show or podcast and fancy a go in a few months, if so, can you point me to an example show? Please bare in mind that we have 3 or 4 people already, so it might be a while, especially if there are a lot of responses.

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