Saturday 11/16: Cap’n Christy and the Wild West

1461082_662469577130904_391754025_nThis Saturday at 7pm UK, 7pm NY and 7pm LA (three shows), Psyche Power Hour will be hosted by yours truly, presenting ‘The Psychedelic Wild West!’ This one will feature bands, that to me, have a flavour of the Wild West, not that they have to come from any particular place, region etc, just that they have some sand in their boots and are staring down the lonesome highway with the wind in their hair, open to the world and all the other clichés you can think of. This will probably be the most anti-psychedelic show so far, it’s so ordinary that it’s far out! Not a sitar in sight, but still a few surprises which will hopefully delight your little ears. Tune in with a hip flask full of bourbon and a Stetson on your head and we’ll while away an hour together ambling down life’s musical highway ~ Christy
Listen to the archived show:
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