Saturday’s Live Psych-Out: Oxford Circle

Oxford+CircleNovember 9 at 7pm UK, NY, LA tune in for ‘Live Psyche Out!’  We present Oxford Circle, live from the Avalon Ballroom November 1966. Gary Lee Yoder, Dehner Patten, Jim Keylor and Paul Whaley had been kingpins in the northern California teen scene ever since they got together in late 1964 as the Hide-Aways. One year later they had become the Oxford Circle, journeying south to San Francisco. The band broke up after Whaley left to join Blue Cheer. Yoder and Patten reunited to form Kak, another psychedelic band before Gary Lee Yoder also joined Blue Cheer. As a special treat we have added four additional tracks after the live show. 7PM UK/NY/LA


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