The Beatles – Acoustic Alternate

Something different this Saturday night. I was listening through Beatles Anthology tracks, picking out those I thought the station11836782_1041445355899989_3775528281323747922_n should probably play, and it took me past a few folders I seldom peer into, alternate versions of Pepper, Revolver and other rarities, and I thought it would be cool to play one of those. So, of course I didn’t do that at all, I picked the more obscure acoustic White Album sessions, put them in order, as far as possible, as there are a few tracks missing from the original albums 30 tracks, but with some songs that were recorded at the time but never released then or later, it brings in a pretty intriguing 29 track, alternate acoustic version of the album, in it’s very embryonic state. A lot will be known to Beatles nuts and some to those with the Anthology discs, but never sequenced like this, to follow the album where possible, but with a few tracks added in place of those that were missing. Psychedelicized present ‘The Beatles – Acoustic Alternate’. Enjoy! smile emoticon
Saturday 7pm UK, NY & SF
~ Christy
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