Psychedelicized Live Psyche Out! presents The Final Solution live at Matrix 1966

Final Solution live at MatrixLive Psyche Out! This Saturday Night!
There is a band that Rob & I love, a real San Francisco band with the San Fran sound, a band that hardly anyone knows or remembers and I only sought out after seeing their name on a few posters from the era, lower billed of course, the one and only Final Solution! Now, let’s talk about their name, Alec Palao explains: They’d christened themselves the Final Solution, derived from the the cryptic but meaningless epithet “There Is No Final Solution.” With their solidly middle-class backgrounds, none of the group had any idea of the slogan’s implications. “We knew vaguely somewhere back in history it was heavy,” (explains lead guitarist Fosselius). “I’m embarassed to admit I didn’t realise how much the name could mean to a Jew, especially one (like Bill Graham) with direct experience of the concentration camps. I have so much respect for him in retrospect, how cool he was about it. He’d just say ‘Oh, that’s your name, huh?’”. So, the name was misplaced, but their music wasn’t, not that much of it made it to tape, just some rehearsals and a live recording of the band at the Matrix, one of only 50 or so shows the band ever did, and that’s the show you can hear right here on Psychedelicized Radio this Saturday night, so you can get to know and indulge in the meandering minor-key world of the Final Solution. Enjoy! ~ Christy
p.s. poster base taken from a Quicksilver Messenger Service and Final Solution gig at the Fillmore, updated for us by mainman Whitebread Costner.
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