This Saturday ‘Live Psych Out!’ Steppenwolf live at the Fillmore, Aug 1968!

SteppenwolfThe Saturday’s show tomorrow is a Live Psych Out! supplied by Rusty. A great, stereo recording of Steppenwolf live at the Fillmore, Aug 27th 1968! Truly cracking! Dig it, crank it, smoke it, shoot it, shake it, rock it, love it! Or just sip yer orange juice and ponder why these nice young men wanted to have long hair and wig out in long noisy electronic jams, singing about being born wild. Ladies & Gentlemen, Psychedelicized presents John Kay & Steppenwolf at the height of their powers in truly excellent form, be there! 🙂
Usual times, 7pm UK, NY & SF. Saturday 14th June 2014.

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