This Wednesday April 16, Psychedelicized Radio presents “Psychedelicized Introduces…”

10154461_746849228692938_2867528867698485469_nA new show for this Wednesday! Each time we add a large batch of songs to the playlist, we will host a ‘Psychedelicized Introduces’ program, so you can hear them all, without waiting to catch them individually! Dr. Sandoz is in the hot seat this Wednesday, so join him then for an hour and twenty two minutes of new (to the station) psyche and head music, most of which is ultra rare, so tune in and get turned on to something far out! 
p.s. I apologise for the crap 10 minute poster, but I was rather pressed for time! ~ Christy
Psychedelicized Introduces, UK, NY & SF at 7pm, Weds 16th April.

Listen to the archived show:
Psychedelicized Introduces

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