Tonight: Iron Butterfly!

10308425_756623507715510_1288020535234559547_nTONIGHT – Live Psyche Out! is the mighty Iron Butterfly at The Galaxy, San Francisco, CA, Nov 9 1967. Get ready to shake your heavy mops, at the usual times of 7pm UK, NY & SF! Thanks to Rusty for supplying the show and apologies for the late posting, I’m in Poland and lost track on the days. The questionable poster is due to a lack of access to Photoshop! The show is in great quailty STEREO, so tune in, crank the volume and wig out, with Psychedelicized Radio, the radio station that knows whats good for you and your mind! ~ Christy
Saturday 3rd May, 7pm UK, 7pm NY and 7pm SF

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