Website Moved to New Server

860202_526414164069780_1833570493_oFebruary 12 – Ok, we moved the website to a new home, as our old host was really bad and unhelpful, and we had an exploit malware code which was causing havoc (a virus of sorts), but we have repaired everything and the new hosts, who specialise in our type of site, will hopefully offer us a more secure home moving forward. Anyway, what does that mean to you?!?! It means… THE WEBSITE IS BACK, YAY!!!! The only psyche station on the web to offer access to view it’s entire playlist and info on the artists we play! So, to celebrate, why don’t you make a small contribution to this months fund raiser, as we are still $20 short? 
A massive thank-you has to go to Jason ( and Adam (, our web specialists who nursed the site back to health, them’s the guys!!!
Whilst writing, I want to remind everyone that as it is the 3rd Saturday of the month this week, we will have another ‘Live Psyche Out!’, a classic live show from a classic band, as rare as rocking horse do-do. This week’s show will be the mighty Blues Project at the Matrix in Sept 1966! Oh yes, in stereo, remastered and repaired, a good quality recording of the band at their peak. ~ Christy out!

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