Facebook post: Website Update

February 7 – We are having some changes with the website and as you can see if you go to psychedelicized.com for now, you can’t do more than see the tracks played and listen on a player, well, you can use the link to take you to our Loudcity player, which is advised. Adam, Jason & I (mainly Adam & Jason the web wizards) are working with our lovely site, but it might be a few days before we have it back fully up and working. I do need to stress, this DOES NOT affect the stream, you can still listen with no issues at all. I can actually see on the control panel that about the usual numbers are tuning in, so it seems you are all cool with this? Any questions, please ask here.
Tune in as normal here:
I’ll let you know as soon as we have news with work on the site.

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