Wednesday 18 June: Psychedelicized Unearthed

10407917_782592521785275_6274615043509304631_nThis Wednesday night, a new regular show, Psychedelicized Unearthed!  Show #1, hosted by Dr Sandoz, is the the first hour of four, so it’ll either be a weekly or bi-weekly occurrence, once we have a concrete format in order, but all details will of course be posted here. Why bother? Well, it gives you all a chance to hear the new additions, rather than waiting to catch them in the coming weeks and months when you are listening in. If that is more fun to you, then skip the show, but I’d highly recommend joining us for a righteous romp through the best of the latest unearthed psych and head music that we have added to the playlist. Usual times, 7pm UK, NY & SF. This Wednesday, 18 June 2014. ~ Christy

Listen to the archived show:
Psychedelicized Unearthed 1

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