Woodstock 45th Anniversary 26 hour broadcast over 3 days!

Psychedelicized WoodstockIt’s on and mud free! Well, the audio is a little muddy in places, but most is fantastic, just like the performances! This weekend is the 45th Anniversary of Woodstock. In celebration. Psychedelicized presents “Woodstock Complete,” a project combining all known sources and re-creating the Woodstock Festival of 1969 as it took place. Friday August 15, Saturday August 16, and Sunday August 17 we will be playing Woodstock, a total of almost 26 hours of the Woodstock Festival!!! The broadcast will start each day 4PM UK/ 11AM NY 8AM SF. That’s 4 hours, 12 hours and 9 hours for each day respectively, minus the mud! BE THERE!!! 🙂

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